Past Winners

2018 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Avorie Anderson, Lely High School
Outward Bound: 15 days in December - Boundary Waters Dog Sledding & Cross Country Skiing

Wyatt Focht, Gulf Coast High School
Outward Bound: 15 Days Alaska Alpine Backpacking in Chugach Mountain Range

Grace Sullivan, Naples High School
Outward Bound: High Sierra Alpine Backpacking in California

2017 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Angie Zavala, Lorenzo Walker Technical HS
Outward Bound: 15 Days mountaineering in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska

Ryan McNichols, St. John Neumann HS
Outward Bound: 14 Days High Sierra Alpine Backpacking

Kristin Jarvis, St. John Neumann HS
Outward Bound: 14 Days High Sierra Alpine Backpacking in Nevada

Brandon Jules, Immokalee HS
Self-Designed: 7 Days Rock Climbing and Skydiving in Northern Florida

2016 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Ryan Christopher Perez, Palmetto Ridge HS
Alaska Moutaineering School: 12 Days learning safety and judgment, leadership, teamwork, mountaineering skills, “Leave No Trace” practices, and the enjoyment of experiencing the wilderness of Alaska.

Elizabeth Roach, Gulf Coast High School
Outward Bound: Washington Sea Kayaking & Alpine Backpacking 15 Days in the Pacific Northwest

Preston Olinger, Florida Gulf Coast University
Outward Bound: Maine Coast Sailing 15 Days sailing off the coast of Maine.

2015 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Ashley Sadarriaga, Golden Gate HS
Outward Bound: 22 days in the Blue Ridge Mountains backpacking, rock climbing and whitewater canoeing

Victoria Owen, St. John Neumann HS
Outward Bound: 14 days in Maine backpacking and canoeing

Alexandria Garcia, Naples HS
Outward Bound: 14 days in the Northern Cascades Alpine Backpacking

2014 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Pierre Borgela, Palmetto Ridge HS
St. Elias Alpine Guides: Journey to Oz - traversing some of the most stunning terrain in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park crossing glaciers, high passes, and pristine alpine tundra - 7 days

Paul Salomon Grisko, Lely HS
Outward Bound: Northwest Sailing Expedition - The San Juan Islands Sailing course explores the San Juan Islands of Washington State and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada - 14 days

Elizabeth Roux, Gulf Coast HS
Outward Bound: Alaska Backpacking in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska with focus on the art of traveling light, exploring the natural world and becoming a high functioning team - 15 days

2013 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Neal Gardella, Naples High School
Outward Bound: Oregon rock climbing, rafting and mountaineering.A 96 mile whitewater rafting expedition on the Deschutes River, one week of climbing at world famous Smith Rock State Park and a two week mountain expedition in the Central Cascade volcanoes!- 30 days

Tatiana Luna, Palmetto Ridge High School
Outward Bound: Washington State Sea Kayaking and Mountain Expedition - a multi-element expedition in the San Juan Islands and the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State - 14 days

Jade Robinson, Golden Gate High School
NOLS: Yukon Backpacking and Wilderness Canoeing through the Yukon’s expansive and trail-less wilderness of forest and mountains. Master camping skills, explore remote mountain ranges, climb far above tree line for awe-inspiring views. Fly-fishing in wild rivers and clear alpine lakes.- 30 days

2012 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Dominic DeLeo, St. John Neumann
Outward Bound : Sierra Nevada Alpine Backpacking into the heart of the Sierra Nevada. Learn to read a map, use a compass, set up shelters, and cook in the backcountry. Travel will include time on and off trail both above and below tree line. - 14 days

Ryan Dee, Naples High School
Bold Earth Tean Adventures: Ultimate Alaska sea kayaking in Resurrection Bay, backpacking in Chugach Mountains, and ice climbing Matanuska Glacier- 23 days

Iliana Perez, Immokalee High School
Outward Bound: Blue Ridge Mountain Backpacking and Whitewater Canoeing in the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests - 9 days

2011 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Elizabeth Black, Naples High School
Outward Bound : Alaska Sea Kayaking and Mountain Expedition - 22 Days

Caitlyn Hood, Gulf Coast High School
Outward Bound: Minnesota Canoeing and Backpacking

Jennifer Sarnecky, Palmetto Ridge High School
Wilderness Ventures: Southeast Alaska

2010 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Nicole Merriam, Palmetto Ridge High School
Outward Bound - Northwest Sea Kayaking & Mountain Expedition:

Jaime Ceron, Palmetto Ridge High School
Outward Bound - Appalachian Mountain Backpacking & Whitewater Canoeing:

Josey Prior, Lely High School
Outward Bound - Maine Backpacking & Canoeing:

2009 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Destiny Kucko, Palmetto Ridge High School
Alaska Mountaineering School: Mountain Climbing with the Alaska Mountaineering School, Talkeetna, Alaska.

Charlie Greivell, Barron Collier High School
Self-Designed, Alaska: Alaska River Adventures trip from King Salmon Alaska by raft from the Aleutian Mountains through Katmai National Park.

Gabriella Paisan, Barron Collier High School
Northwest Sea Kayaking and Mountain Expedition: Northwest Sea Kayaking and Mountain Expedition: 14 days in Washington for survival skills, living without a trace and a mountain summit attempt.

2008 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Christie McCorkle, Gulf Coast High School
Montana Alpine Backpacking: 15 days exploring the stunningly beautiful Montana Wilderness through the Northern Rocky Mountains

Shane Young, Palmetto Ridge High School
Whitewater River Expedition: 16 days navigating the class 5 rapids of the Green River in Utah

Simone Nageon de Lestang, Naples High School
Yellowstone Backpacking and Canoeing: Canoeing and backpacking through majestic Yellowstone National Park

2007 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Clarissa Capers, Naples, H.S.
Alaska Sea Kayaking & Mountaineering: 22 days climbing pristine mountains and sea kayaking up to icebergs and glaciers.

Jennifer Adams, Naples H.S.
Colorado Mountaineering & Rock Camp : 22 days mountaineering in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Javier Garcia, Naples H.S.
Appalachian Backpacking, Rock Climbing & Whitewater Canoeing : 29 days in North Carolina climbing to new heights and navigating exhilarating rapids.

2006 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Kayla Tibbetts, Naples HS
30 day backpacking expedition (NOLS): Backpacking through the Absaroka Range on the eastern boundary of Yellowstone National Park.

Caitlin Crum, Naples HS
Oceanbound Bermuda Voyage (Outward Bound): Sailing from Boston to Bermuda.

Heather Benton, Golden Gate HS
Alaska Sea Kayaking (Outward Bound): Alaska Sea Kayaking expedition through Prince William Sound and Kenai Fjords National Park.

2005 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Natalie Corrado, Naples High School
Southwest Rafting and Kayaking, Colorado and Utah (Outward Bound): This adventure begins in Grand Junction, Colorado and goes through Utah on one of the big rivers of the west. Natalie learned how to safely operate a large white-water raft, how to paddle sit-on-top kayaks, rock climbing, and the necessary skills to camp in the wilderness.

Sarah Beck, Naples HS
Wind River Wilderness Backpacking, (NOLS): For 30 days, Sarah hiked through Wyoming's Wind River Mountains - a wilderness range renowned for its crystal clear lakes and rugged mountain beauty. She carried a heavy backpack to the top of passes, descended into a glacial valley, cooked over a camp stove, and lead her hiking group to camp.

Ryan Young, Palmetto Ridge High School
Alaska Backpacking and Sea Kayaking (NOLS): This month-long adventure gave Ryan a chance to master two wilderness travel skills – backpacking and sea kayaking – and at the same time, it gave him a chance to experience two very different environments. He learned the foundation skills for wilderness travel, which include camping, cooking, map reading, stove use, and "leave no trace" techniques. He learned the basics of kayaking, including kayak rolling in freezing water!

2004 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Robert Kowalski, Naples High School
Alaska Sea Kayaking (NOLS): This adventure is a sea kayaking expedition through prime Prince William Sound in Alaska. It is a 28-day trip that spans 150-250 miles. Robert learned the basic skills of kayaking and wilderness camping. He encountered glaciers, whales, and all kinds of sea life.

Jenny Payne, Community School
Rustic Pathways: Jenny Payne used her $3,000 prize to participate in a Rustic Pathways program in Costa Rica. Details of her adventure will be updated soon.

Brittany Smith, Barron Collier High School
Outward Bound: Click link to see details.

2003 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Dustin Kahler, Barron Collier High School
High Sierra Mountaineering (Outward Bound): Click to read more.

Jennifer Kendall, Barron Collier High School
Whitewater River Expedition in Utah/Colorado (NOLS): Click link at left to see more about Jennifer's adventure.

Dan Razzano, Naples High School
Oregon Paddlecat Rafting and Rock Climbing (Outward Bound): Click link at left to see more about Dan's adventure.

2002 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Ronny Alzume, Naples High School
Sailing the Main Coast: Sailing the Maine coast, 14 days (Outward Bound) - open ocean adventure and island living; learning the fundamentals of seamanship.

Kimberly Stephenson, Naples High School
Montana High Alpine Backpacking: 15 days (Outward Bound) - learning alpine skills while experiencing Montana's Beartooth Wilderness with glaciated peaks; includes a 12,000-foot ascent.

2001 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Amy Amico, Lely High School
Mountaineering in Colorado (NOLS):

Mick Holsbeke, Naples High School
Mountaineering in Wyoming (NOLS):

Mike Razzano, Naples High School
Glacier Climbing in Alaska (NOLS):

Sindy Salinas, Immokalee High School
Sea Kayaking in Maine (Outward Bound):

2000 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Pamela Keyes, Lely High School
Backpacking in Alaska (NOLS): Click link at left to see more about Pamela's adventure.

Bridgett Moroney, Barron Collier High School
Sailing, canoeing, backpacking (Outward Bound): Click link at left to learn more about Bridgett's adventure.

Sarah Bartlett, Barron Collier High School
Bimini Wild Dolphin Study (self-designed): Click link at left to learn more about Sarah's adventure.

Outward Bound Winners, Various
Hurricane Island: Click link at left to learn more about this adventure.

1999 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Ben Keister, Lely High School
Backpacking in the Yukon (NOLS): Click link for more details.

Joe Hemrick, Barron Collier High School
Mountaineering in Colorado (Outward Bound): Click link at left to learn more about Joe's Adventure.

Brandon Thompson, Naples High School
Sea Kayaking in Alaska (Outward Bound): Click link at left to learn more about Brandon's Adventure.

1998 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

David McLean, Appalachian State University
Backpacking in the U.K. (self-designed): Click link at left to learn more about David's adventure.

Stefanie Palmer, Naples High School
Sea Kayaking in Alaska (NOLS): Click link at left to learn more about Stefanie's adventure.

1997 Gene Doyle Scholarship Winners

Colene Keazer, Barron Collier High School
Backpacking, canyon exploration in Utah (Outward Bound): Click link at left to learn more about Colene's Adventure.

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